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Assan Hanil’s Technology Leap

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Haber Eklenme Tarihi : 27.08.2018 12:22:00

Assan Hanil, has introduced cutting edge technology products that provides tailor made solutions for its customers and R&D investments for autonomous drive transition at Technology Day, which is held for Assan Hanil's customers, Turkey's important OEMs and prominent specialists of the sector.

Assan Hanil organised Technology Day on 12-13 July. Developments on R&D studies regarding the autonomous drive and electric vehicle technologies were elaborated in the event. Participants are also informed about trends and product technologies. Assan Hanil General Manager Atacan Güner hosted the event, which is attended by Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı, Seoyon E-HWA executives, Hyundai Assan CEO Mr. Yoon, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün, OSD and TAYSAD board members. Assan Hanil’s and Seoyon E-HWA’s products were exhibited in three days event.
“We sell the products we developed to the world”
Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı said that Assan Hanil is not only an important supplier for automotive sector, but also guides the sector with its R&D studies. Kayabaşı stated that they have increased their R&D staff by 35 percent in the last two years and Assan Hanil achieved significant success through these studies, and he said: “Assan Hanil, is on the way to become a world brand with its seats produced via cutting edge technology. We are the one and only company in Turkey that produces seats in partnership with THY. Plane seats that are developed in Assan Hanil R&D center brought us the privilege of being the only approved supplier of Airbus and Boeing. By this we also contribute our country economy via decreasing the seat import. We expand our expertise in car seats. We developed driver and passenger seat (ASD) with air suspension, which are used in bus and trucks.
I believe our agreement with Ford Otosan on ASD will improve our current know-how. We have flexible production capabilities that are close to our customers. We plan to make a 40 million Euros investment and open a production facility for ASD in the mid term. We continue our feasibility studies for this and we aim to increase our global market share to 15 percent for air suspended driver seats in the mid term.

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