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The Supply Chain Conference Organized by TAYSAD For the First Time This Year Brought Together All the Stakeholders of the Industry

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Haber Eklenme Tarihi : 22.08.2022 09:34:00

TAYSAD (Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey), the Turkish automotive supply industry's umbrella organization, focused on the impacts of global changes on the supply chain at the Supply Chain Conference, which had the main theme of "Digital Transformation." 

TAYSAD gathered supply chain stakeholders together for the first time this year at the Supply Chain Conference, which is preparing for a major transformation in the "digital" aspect in light of developments in the automotive industry. On the axis of the automotive industry's transformation, developments in the supply chain, both on a global and national scale, were discussed at the event in Istanbul. The event, which had the main theme of "Digital Transformation", hosted many valuable names who are experts in their fields. 
“We switched from offline to digital, from VUCA to BANI”
Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül, a TAYSAD Board Member, said, "2020 showed that uncertainties are possibly the only certain thing in our lives. We switched from offline to digital, from VUCA to BANI. While considering that VUCA, which stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, had found its meaning with the pandemic, an American anthropologist, writer, and futurist offered a new term called 'BANI.' The 'B' in BANI stands for brittle. We are currently experiencing and will continue to experience breakdowns in the supply chain and many other areas. Our responsibility is to take the necessary precautions to ensure that our operation runs well, even on such brittle ground. The 'A' in BANI stands for anxious. We see an increase in the anxiety levels of the people around us. The 'N' in BANI stands for nonlinear. Our old knowledge and experience may not be sufficient to deal with today's problems. Therefore, making long-term plans may not make much sense. A very clear beginning, a midpoint, but no end. We are at a point in the game where we are ready to go back and forth. The ‘I‘ in BANI stands for incomprehensible. Such a brittle, anxious, non-linear environment makes many events and decisions incomprehensible."
“We must maintain our digital maturity stage with an intelligent and autonomous supply chain.”
“We no longer live in a world where the big fish eats the small fish. We are in an environment where the fast fish swallows the slow fish," Şengül remarked, adding, "The world of BANI requires adapting to change, agility, flexibility, and correct risk and opportunity management to be successful on any fragile ground. In this instance, digital transformation becomes a critical tool that makes our lives easier with its leverage effect.” Emphasizing that with the transformation in the automotive sector, companies should get rid of the traditional perspective and focus on new competencies and skills with a game-changing, innovative mindset, Şengül said, “We must maintain our digital maturity stage with an intelligent and autonomous supply chain. In this respect, to be a part of the game in the globalizing world, and to take Turkey's position to the highest levels, we must focus on innovative thinking, being flexible and agile, and doing simple and high-quality work in all our processes.''
The impact of digital transformation on the supply chain has been discussed.
At the conference, Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan, Head of the Industrial Engineering Department at Galatasaray University, continued with her speech, entitled “Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain". While Norm Holding Supply Chain Director Mehmet Karaca shared the exemplary practices in Norm Holding, the Head of the Supply Chain Department of Istanbul University, Prof. Dr. Murat Erdal talked about the developments in the digital transformation field in logistics.
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