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TAYSAD Konya Supplier Day

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Haber Eklenme Tarihi : 27.08.2018 12:15:00

TAYSAD Konya Automotive Supply Industry Day is held by Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO), TAYSAD and Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD).

The meeting held at the Conference Hall of Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) and Deputy Chairman Mustafa Parents Tekelioğlu, TAYSAD Board Members Naci Faydasıçok, Tolga Yalgi and Executive Officer Süheyl Baybalı, and Board Member of Turkish Association of Corporate Governance, Mehmet Buldurgan attended the meeting with many industrialists. Speaking at the opening of the program Konya Chamber of Industry Deputy Chairman Mustafa Veli Tekelioğlu said that Konya is now an industrial city. Noting that Konya, which has a long history in the industry, also has an important infrastructure in the automotive sector, Tekelioğlu underlined that the industry is in second place in Konya’s exports.
TAYSAD want to get involved in Turkey’s car
TAYSAD Board Member Naci Faydasıçok said that TAYSAD has 408 members in Turkey, and 9 of them are in Konya. Pointing out that members employ more than 200 thousand employees and having 140 R & D and design centers, Faydasıçok also emphasized that they create a business volume of 22 billion usd and export performance of more than 10 billion usd. Stating that TAYSAD is on a project that would support Turkey’s Automobile, Faydasıçok said: We are listing the capabilities of our members. This report will be shared with localization executive board and joint initiative group. At the end we want to be a part of this investment.
Companies’ burdens related to purchasing will be decreased.
TAYSAD Board Member Tolga Yalgı provided information about Joint Purchasing Group that is presented by TAYSAD to its members. Yalgı said: As the purchasing group, we are not replacing purchasing experts of the member companies. We just try to help them and lighten their burden. We provide help with issues such as packaging, trade union packages, job security, transportation, car rental.

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