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As of the 25th of June, 2018, Togg has been settled as a globally competing Turkish technology brand. With our mobility solutions and technologies, we create cutting-edge new smart devices. We are developing a mobility ecosystem around these devices within our "USE CASE Mobility®" concept in which all is connected.


With the aim of becoming a global USECASE Mobility® provider, Togg aims to transform Turkey's mobility industry with its mobility ecosystem designed around its smart device to produce innate electric, zero-emission, user-centric, autonomous, smart and connected vehicles.
Togg continues its activities with the vision of “More than a car just an automobile” in order to achieve two main goals: 
To create a global brand that 100% belongs to Turkey for intellectual and industrial property 
Creating the core of the Turkish mobility ecosystem 
Following the completion of homologation tests, C-SUV, Togg's first smart device, will be launched in Turkey in the first quarter of 2023, and in Europe approximately 18 months after this date.
After the C-SUV, Sedan and Hatchback models in the C segment will enter the production line. In the following years, with the addition of B-SUV and C-MPV to the family, the product range consisting of 5 models carrying the same DNA will be completed. Togg plans to produce a total of 1 million vehicles with the production of 5 different models in the cleanest facilities of Europe established in Bursa Gemlik until 2030.
Togg, which established the Technology Development Center in Ankara in order to localize strategically important technologies and carry out R&D studies, aims to increase the domestic rate from 51 percent to 68 percent when the smart device is released by 2026. Togg Europe, which was established in Stuttgart with our user-centric approach, also conducts users researches for the European market. Bringing together innate electric cars and advanced technology services, Togg establishes Turkey's mobility ecosystem with strategic collaborations. In this context, Togg has included 17 out of more than 250 startups in the mobility ecosystem.
Togg, who established a company called Siro with a 50/50 partnership with Farasis, the world's leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, to produce its own battery, also established Trugo to strengthen Turkey's charging infrastructure and started working to establish 1000 fast charging stations for this purpose.l
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