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We Are Now Closer to Our Goal of Becoming a Logistics Base

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Our country strengthens its position in the world in logistics day by day with its geographical advantages, growing economy, transportation and infrastructure investments. New investments which were made globally after the availability crisis and changing maps in the supply chain create a significant advantage for Turkey.


Ford Trucks
Deputy General Manager
We create value with the most efficient transportation solutions
Ford Trucks, which is a global operation under the roof of Ford Otosan and continues its international expansion strategy successfully, has been among the world's leading heavy commercial vehicle brands for more than 60 years with its engineering power and sub-industry in heavy commercial vehicle production. With our vision of "creating value with the most efficient transportation solutions", we express our purpose of existence as "being a companion that cares about their customers and improves their business". 
We have public and superstructure solutions for use for different purposes with tow trucks, road and construction trucks in our portfolio, including 18 tons and more vehicles in the heavy commercial vehicle industry. We are among the few brands that develop and produce all the powertrains of a vehicle with domestic axles, engines and transmissions thanks to our engineering competencies and R&D power.
Especially in the last few years, the heavy commercial vehicle industry has been going through busy periods in parallel with the increasing logistics needs of businesses and the rise in e-commerce. As Ford Trucks, we also continue to grow in this process with our heavy commercial vehicle solutions in terms of production, design, technology and product development. For example, we have achieved a market share of 26.3 percent by selling nearly 7,000 vehicles in the domestic market despite global availability problems last year. In the first half of this year, we moved this share up a bit. We have doubled our export sales and we make more than 80 percent of our international market sales to European countries. 
We export our heavy commercial vehicles which we produce in Eskişehir to more than 40 countries in the world.
We achieve many successes in global markets with our heavy commercial vehicles under the Ford Trucks brand, especially with our F-MAX vehicle, which we developed and produced entirely with Turkish engineering and which brought us the ITOY award in 2019. In our global journey, after Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, we also appointed distributors in Germany and France, the largest and most competitive markets in Western Europe last year. We continue to grow internationally with new markets and collaborations and aim to reach 50 countries on three continents in 2024. 
As Ford Trucks, we signed the ACEA Heavy Vehicle Roadmap Joint Statement in 2020
We promised to carry out our heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040 with the target of "0 emissions". We continue to work on new generation solutions with alternative fuels that will help us achieve our zero carbon emission target.
We shared the F-Vision, which presents Ford Trucks' vision for the future in zero carbon, connected, autonomous vehicles, with you at the Hannover Fair in 2018. With the new technologies we have developed, we have been approaching this aim step by step ever since. Most people think of electric vehicles in the first place when it comes to zero emissions. However, in order to reach the zero emission target in the heavy commercial vehicle industry, we find the solution in electric trucks in ranges below 400 km and in hydrogen fuel vehicles in a range above 400 km, and we plan our investments in this direction.
Autonomous driving is also one of the technologies that will stand out in the automotive world of the future
In 2019, we implemented the Platooning-autonomous convoy project with AVL for the use of autonomous driving technology in heavy commercial transportation, which is also a first in Turkey. Thus, we achieved our goal of reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in heavy commercial vehicles and increasing driving safety. With Level 4 Highway Pilot, we are now working on technologies that enable trucks to carry out their transportation activities between logistics centers, which we call hub-to-hub, autonomously. Also, thanks to our remote vehicle control technology, we make it possible for operators to remotely connect to the autonomous vehicle and take over the drive in cases where unexpected events or human control are needed during autonomous driving. With our autonomous reverse parking technology, which brings us closer to our fully autonomous driving target and supports us in case of docking at the loading and unloading station, our vehicles are at a level to park as if there is a driver in them. Thanks to another breakthrough supporting this area, trucks of Ford Trucks supported with 5G technologies in the 5G-MOBIX Project recently passed through the Greece-Turkey border corridor with autonomous driving. 


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